EcoPoxy Flow Cast Kits


FlowCast is a high-performance, low-exotherm epoxy that cures to a clear, UV-resistant glass-like finish. 750ml – $58.99 1.5L – $90.95 3L – $136.99 6L – $215.99 12L – $334.99 30L – $699.98 60L – $1,199.95 600L – Please contact us for pricing



FlowCast is a 100%-solids, two-component epoxy formulated for a long gel time. It has low exothermic heat buildup and cures to a crystal-clear solid that resists stress cracking. Perfect for pouring river tables, ocean tables, and any other deep pour applications or casting in silicone molds. It can be poured up to 1.5 inches depending on volume and cures to a water like appearance or it can be colored with one of our pigments. Whether you’re pouring a giant wood slab table or a small serving tray, FlowCast is the product you are looking for!


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